Bégué Coco is a start-up social business that produces and retails coconut products in Dakar, Senegal. We promote the nutritious, medicinal and cosmetic benefits of the all-natural coconut through:

  • VIRGIN COCONUT OIL COSMETICS: Production and provision of locally- made and all-natural Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) used as a base for our cosmetics line called Nayi.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Reuse of coconut raw materials for artisanal, combustible and gardening purposes and the promotion of urban gardening based on the principles of permaculture. We are planning a coconut tree reforestation initiative in the Casamance to promote rural employment opportunities, contribute to reforestation and revitalize land that has been abandoned due to environmental degradation.
  • PROMOTING WELL-BEING: We partner with like-minded organizations in Dakar to promote the benefits of the coconut, ecological design, and healthy living.

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