Look what just hit Dakar—Bégué Coco Cocktails!!!

Our unique and all natural juice cocktail menu. Order by the glass or order a bottle to take home! 

The Bégué (The Happiness): Coconut Water, Lime, Mint, Coconut Shavings

Bul Ko Jeexal (Don’t Ever Finish It): Coconut Water, Mango, Lime, Mint, Coconut Shavings

Natural Mystic: Coconut Water, Mango, Banana, Orange, Lime, Mint, Coconut Shavings

Puissance (Power): Milk, Banana, Vanilla, Coconut Shavings

Taw Feex : Mint & Lime Cocktail

Begue Bissap: Homemade Hibiscus Juice & Mint

Begue Boueye: Homemade Baobab Juice & Mint

Dundu (Live!): Homemade Coconut Milk & Vanilla

DSC_01412014-08-15 01.56.07



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