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We are ready to turn this business into a thriving enterprise. We have a hardworking team and a strong business plan, but we lack the funding to put it all together. Help take our business from the streets of Dakar to the international markets.

OUR 2015 INDIEGOGO Campaign

In only one year we have made great strides producing a variety of coconut products and managing many environmental activities. Our experience has led us to specialize in virgin coconut oil and virgin coconut oil based cosmetics. Unfortunately we are operating at too small a scale to be self-sufficient. Help us to raise funds to purchase semi-industrial machines and expand our production and sales so that we can become the #1 producer of virgin coconut oil in Senegal.

See campaign here. 

To make a contribution via paypal

1. Go to Paypal Site Here

2. Enter the Begue Coco email in the section “To”:

3. Enter your email address in the section “From”

4. Enter the amount you would like to donate and select

5. Follow the instructions to complete the payment.


Bégué Coco is a collaborative project and everyone involved brings different skills and ideas. If you have a service that you can offer relating to anything from sales, marketing, business advice, graphic design etc. please be in touch. Contact us at at and like  Bégué Coco on facebook.


 Bégué Coco is one of a variety of Jokko initiatives. Our members are working to build an eco-village in southern Senegal, organize an environmental education program, facilitate permaculture workshops and much more. Your interest, support and advice is much appreciated! For more information about Jokko email Cheikh Thiam at and like the JOKKO page on facebook.


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